Questionnaires Kit

Barry Bricklin, Ph.D. and Gail Elliot, Ph.D.

The Questionnaire Forms are designed to gather the extensive amount of information about the child and parents considered to be important in model custody statues throughout the United States. The Manual describes how to integrate the Questionnaires into the framework of the comprehensive custody evaluation.

Contents of Kit

  1. Parent Self-Report Questionnaire
    (About: Parent-By: Parent)  11 Pages
  2. "Would" Questionnaire
    (About: Parent-By: Child)  7 Pages
  3. Child Data Questionnaire
    (About: Child-By: Parent) 8 Pages 
  4. Child Self-Report Questionnaire
    (About Parents-By: Child)  8 Pages
  5. Child's Access to Parental Strengths Questionnaire
    (About: Child/Parents-By: Parents)  7 Pages
  6. Child's Sexual Abuse Questionnaire
    (By: All--When needed) 12 Pages



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